The London Scooter & Motorcycle Parking Map book

I mentioned this handy little book in the Hello - And Bike Bays thread, and was wondering if anybody would like a copy? I promised Cezar to come to the Bar Italia on Friday, so can bring them over from my local dealers. I live in Chelsea so I’m surrounded by Piaggio dealers. Mine came free with my bike, but there’s a price printed on it of £3.50. I may be able to get some on a sale-or-return basis, so if you decide you don’t need it I should hopefully get a refund from the shop.

Let me know by Friday lunchtime-ish, so I know if I should go and get them.

Paivi, that’s very nice of you! The book looks to be a good idea. I’m a fortunate man becouse I have a garage at work in central London but for those who don’t , I would recommend the book! I hope it doesn’t rain on friday!

Cheap way for bike thieves to make a shopping list!