The little B*st*rd

One of my neighbours just backed into my bike knocking it over damnit! Brand new feckin 1050 Tiger fgs.

Broken Pannier rack: 108.68
Smashed o/s pannier; 207.99
Insert for Pannier; 33.91
o/s footpeg scuffed; 27.78
o/s Bar end scuffed; 14.61
SW Motec Crash Bars bent into the bodywork; 139.99

Total 532.96 + VAT.

Grrrrr. Would have been alot worse without those crash bars. Hopefully the engine mounts 'aint bent. Bah.

Rant over. feel better now.

That sucks.

Was he suitably mortified? I hope he’s paying…

I think he was more embarrased than mortifed.

ooo that sucks

that sucks but could be worse…

mate of mine got a jeep reverse into him total cost £1700 :crazy:

Had similar happen this morning to the van. :angry: Fecking buses!!!

Hope you get your bike sorted with no hassles



hope he gonna cough up for it so it dont affect your insurance and your back on road asap

anyone did that to my bike it’d be a write-off!

You’re lucky they owned up, someone crashed in my car two times and left the scene.

You sure the bus didn’t aim for your van???:w00t::w00t:

So sorry to here about that. I Dropped my tiger at bm meet but got of very lucky indeed. I`m thinking about those crash bars. You say they bent into the body work. Did they protect the bodywork?

Yes Rob, they bent into the bodywork but are only just touching the plastic under the o/s fairing - they really are excellent things. The bike went down onto my ground anchor with some force, without them the fairing and the tank and probably the rad and oil cooler grilles would have been butchered byt he protruding ground anchor.

I will be replacing them immediately they are just 139.99 and are a must. I dont think they look too bad either, the crash bung options for the 1050 tigers are mostly ugly things.

Took her into Triumph today (those boys at Bulldog Triumph are excellent, very accomodating) and the feckin forks were bent also :frowning:

They have fixed it and made her roadworthy, just need to press the villan for his money now. Total cost including the new crash bars and fitting; £670.20p. Yowser.

I dont bloody believe it. Just days after an 85 year old man damaged my bike through sheer brute stupidity, today I was coming towards kew bridge and some dozy old woman who looked like she could barely stand let a lone drive just hit into the back of me, the same pannier that was damaged the other day.

She waved and drove off! WTF??

I chased her down and insisted she pull over to exchange insurance details.

What the feck is wrong with the world? Are all these oldies out to feckin get me atm?

The pannier is now even more damaged and I may have 2 insurance companies to jockey with.


Jeese. Thats just bad luck mate. Sorry to hear that. Oh and i will be getting crash bars as soon as i can. Money permiting.:wink: