The LEDS are going to be fitted

I have been informed that yellow forard facing lights are legal? Where as blue, red etc aren’t. So it looks like I will be chaved soon. Going to get some yellow LEDS set back in my ram air scoops so there will be a nice yellow glow from the front of the bike at night.



Unfortunately no pics as yet. However they should be fitted sometime next week or maybe even tonight if I can organise it. They will be set up on a seperate switch so should I see old bill they can be turned off. As soon as they are fitted I will be posting some pics. Watch this space.

I’d be interested to see what they look like. At worst they should help you be seen at night.

Good luck Tel, i suppose if they dont look good your bike couldnt look any worse. haha lol

You should get blue and red ones that flash on and off and get a nice siren fitted, should help you cut through traffic

Ok now everything is in place for Thursday for me to have the LED’s fitted. I am fitting them with a mate and not sure how well it’s going to go yet hoping to do it in a couple of hours. Therefore will be posting results pictures Thursday / Friday eve.

Good luck with fitment, looking forward to seeing the results.