The LB Special Needs France Day trip, rides again

Saturday 25th June

Three meeting points

Ace leaving at 4.30amOrganiser @ Ace will be TDJ, GsxrAng and myself

Leading from here to East London meet will be TDJ and tailgunner will be Westie.

East London Leaving at 5.00am

Mc Donalds

On the A127 just past Gallows Corner / junction with Bryant Avenue

TDJ will be leading & Westie will be Tailgunner from here to Maidstone services.

Maidstone services, where we will all be meeting up and leaving at 6.00 am

GsxrAng will be leading and Westie will be tailgunner from here, and for the rest of the ride…

Fuel up before you get to the meeting points, we wont be stopping for fuel till we get to Maidstone services…Please fuel up at Maidstone services if you need to… before you get a coffee, as we will be leaving at 6.00am and not fueling up again until we get off the eurotunnel in Calais :slight_smile:

Catching the 08.20 Eurotunnel

The 8.20 is now fully booked. if you’ve not already booked…Book the 7.50, thats now full, so book the 7.42 :slight_smile:

The Riders on the 7.42 & 7.50 will be waiting for the 8.20 (if we need to) to arrive @ the petrol stn as you come off the train in Calias…

Returning on the 21.20 from Calias

This is a LB members only ride.

Ang will be collecting £5 donantion for the L.A.A on the day

The Eurotunnel fare is £28 return, and you wil be responsisble for booking yourselfs.

We will be running the cornerman system.

If you dont know how the cornerman system works…here’s a link

This is a rideout, if you cant ride in a group without putting other people in danger, or feel as if you have to mark every corner…This is not a ride for you :wink:

Trackdayjunkie, myself and a few others will be within the group, and if your acting like a pr!ck, you wont be staying on the ride.

Anyway enough of that, the last couple have been brilliant, I’ll stick a couple of links up :slight_smile:

To be back of the group and see 80±100+ bikes in front of you was breath taking.

Sorry but no L plates as there are motorways involved :slight_smile:

When we get back to Calais, thats the end of the rideout…Make your way home, in your own groups, to what ever part of London you live :slight_smile:

Any questions about what to take, what you need…you will find in the links, they have all been asked :slight_smile:

So who’s up for it ?

The List

Once you’ve booked, I’ll stick booked at the side of your name :slight_smile:

  1. Trackdayjunkie (booked) Ace

2. GsxrAng (booked) Ace

3.Terry-Moto (booked) Ace

4.Max2 (booked) Ace

5. Jamie

  1. Genyus (booked)

  2. PJ (booked)

9. Jay

  1. GCB (booked)

  2. JC (booked)

  3. TripleSteve

  4. Flatout (booked with help)

  5. Major (booked)

  6. Westie & Tiggi (booked)

  7. Hannibal (booked)

  8. Alex (booked)

  9. Lustfish (booked)

  10. Latin power (booked)

  11. Max 1 (booked) Ace

  12. Rikster (booked)

  13. Desmo46 (booked)

  14. Yamaha riders are sh*t :smiley:

Anyone else ?

Pleeeeeeze:D It’s near my birfday:D:D

We knew that Jamie :smiley:


A bit too far off to commit, but very tempted, sounds great fun :slight_smile:
Date’s in the diary …

As you already know, i’m in:D

oooh weekend after I get back from France will try n sneak a pass out :D:D:D

I’m special :wink:

Edited to say I’m in France already on 2 wheel, no engine, mind!!!

I’m special aswell :wink:

Not that special but come along anyway :slight_smile:

That sounds good! Count me in :slight_smile:

This looks great fun but unfortuately we aren’t special enough:w00t:

(not special enough to have a dogsitter so it’s too long a day to be away from home:crying: )

Yes please, would love to come-maybe with girlfriend pillion :slight_smile:

We will defo be there Terry:)

Train Booked:cool:

Shuttle booked & noted in diary;):smiley:


Although I am quite new to the forum am I able to join this? :slight_smile:

I have been trying to bite my ear all my life , Im in if you’ll have me !

Train booked.

lol…you should try touching your elbow with your middle finger :smiley:

bugger! I’m at Glastonbury