The LB site

I just wanted to say how much I like the LB site, in its entirety. It is not only one of the best looking and professional bike sites I’ve seen, but one of the best sites full stop.

Every time I log on I think to myself how great this site looks. I’ve been working in IT support and web since 1996, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about. :wink:

Nice job backend guys, well done. :slight_smile:

Why, you flatter us. Thank-you :slight_smile:

It’s a hard job to fit in all the content we have without making it hard to navigate or hard to see things. I have my eye on a number of improvements, mainly around the galleries, directory and magazine, but later in the year the forum should get some attention. We’ll also be speeding things up this year as well, with a hardware upgrade of our servers.

There’s a continuous list of improvements I would like to make, but finding time to fit them in is the single hardest thing about managing the site on limited resources. Most people don’t realise the site is developed and maintained by one person. That said, it takes a team of about twenty people to make LB what it is, and it’s those people that deserve thanks as well.

Top job Jay keep it going fella. I have to say also since meeting up with a few of you recently and attending your weekly meet at Borough Market what a great group of people you have as members, very welcoming, and happy to help out where ever possible. Except for Arnie and his damn video camera,:smiley: only joking chap;). Hopefully i will be able to attend a few of your organised rideouts this year and get to meet even more of you.



Nice One <A onclick=“opener.insert_smilie(this, 50); self.focus(); return false;” href=“”>YoSay No More <A onclick=“opener.insert_smilie(this, 50); self.focus(); return false;” href=“”>Yo

+1 although i cant claim i know what im talking about :w00t:

is that cos they talking sense as opposed 2 utter b0ll0x ?

still gotta agree great site good laugh and friendly peeps