The Knowledge

I am thinking about going on the knowledge to get my London taxi badge but am unsure of what bike to get.I have a Daytona 1200 so obviously can’t use that but am not going to sell it.Any suggestions of bikes.


Best bet is a 125 scoot mate, I bought one to do the knowledge, however never got round to it. Good excuse 2 get me back on 2 wheels after 20 odd yeras away;)

You can get a new Piaggio X8 125 for about GBP2000 - a knowledge board is easily fitted using silicone sealant. This should last for many years and have some retail value left over if properly looked after.

It has sensible protection from the elements, a must for doing the Knowledge I’m told!

Some of the Knowledge boys hang out on the Tscoot forums:

I will be starting the Know. in Jan myself mate! good luck :slight_smile:

mmm wonder if I can get a knowledge board on the Daytona…Get the knowledge done quick !

Honda C90 used to be the ped of choice for the knowledge boys . . . I used one myself when I had a stab at it many moons ago as did my brother before me :wink: