The Keira on a bike ad

Holy Moly…

She has no boobs :ermm:

1:56-2:02 … oh my …

Put those claws away Ally, we aren’t all as well endowed as you :wink:

i just dont get the attraction of women built like boys…

How dare you talk about my future ex-wife that way! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, having met Kiera a few years back, she is a seriously hot lady! In fact I’d be all over her like a tramp on hot chips! :stuck_out_tongue:
Loving that advert though! The thought of her riding a motorbike just moved her up the ladder in the “future ex-wife” stakes! :smiley:

all i see is an oddly shaped stick on a cr@p coloured bike!

No but i mean like there is nothing there! Don’t get me wrong she has a nice bum :stuck_out_tongue:

Could introduce me to your future ex-wife RR?

hubba hubba :D:Whistling:


The ducati :smiley:

I do hope that Chanel catsuit had a kevlar lining, poor girl. Especially with that gratuitous bike mounting shot! Does all seem a bit milk-trayish though.

really? meh! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

i suppose it’s the whole thing “oh my god its a chick on a bike” i’m can’t be bothered with, now show another ad where she’s all half naked tied up and sweaty and with messy hair and i might say “hell yeah!” :smiley:

I agree very milk tray therefore very gay, doesn’t make me want to go out and buy the smells :smiley:
I think Kiera could do with a good few fry ups :w00t:


There’s nothing wrong with having small boobs. It’s not like you get to choose that sort of stuff anyways… We all come in different shapes and sizes. We girls should celebrate what we are born with and stop slating each other for not looking the norm or what’s currently in fashion. Whether big boobed, curvy, petite or athletic it’s all beautiful in it’s own right :slight_smile:

Wow people stop getting yer backs up it was just an observation am i not allowed to have my own opinion??? Its not being bitchy it a frigging comment ffs! She is very pretty and HAS NO BOOBS and im far from anything that she is! ITS A COMMENT DEAL WITH IT!
And i never said there was anything wrong with her boobs… i made an observation!

Does the same go for c0ck size? :w00t:

The silence speaks volumes . . .

Not that I’ve ever had any complaints . . . ahem :crazy::smiley: