the KaVasaki song

dedicated to all Ka V asaki riders :hehe: :w00t: :smiley:

Ha Ha! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Pan - real chart buster! :ermm: :wink:

i’ll bet that becomes a kareoke favourite:crazy:

hmm I only see 1 Kwak bike there his one… rest are Hondas Suzis and a Merc…

No Helmet, no Protective Gear… what are these people playing at???

It’s the Balkans mate - they’re probably all pissed up on plum brandy as well.

I’d have to be pissed up on Plum Brandy to want to listen to that again!! :w00t:

Good to see they all have such rythmn… :smiley:

im assuming that the Caffe POP NON STOP is there version of Ace…

… loving those dance moves in the scrap yard… :smiley: