The joys of people not looking

Coming up past kings cross this morning up the hill towards angle i can see the bus stopped in the left hand lane and the car next to me so i think to my self ill back off i have a feeling this car is just going to pull out. 2 seconds later no warning off she goes towards me blast of the horn looks at me see the worry in her eyes then she almost plows in to the back of the bus. People seem not have eyes and why should i have to ride like I’m driving there car to. My rant for today

'Tis London. Or just 2009. Or just England.

Valid rant.

Only age and slow typing speed stop me doing this daily.

you wanna try the car park near the odeon cinema greenwich wot a load off **** don’t even look!!!

and all reverse around the one way bit going the wrong way

yer i cant belive that they all fly round doing left turns then don’t even look to the right i think they got there license at lego land?. then they decide 2 put a motorcycle park on the slippiest gravel they can fined (at the 02).