The Honda DN-01 - Brave & Bold or Crazy & Ugly?

Marmite bike; love it or hate it? What do you think?

fairing looks like its been flattened from that angle, but generally looks ok

Looks a bit like a squashed frog!

I’m guessing from the bars and the seat the riding position is not too dissimilar to a scooter, which might make it look a bit odd with someone sat very upright on it?!? :ermm:

I’m undecided on this one…

I’m not digging it…attempting to blend a sportbike and a scooter has gotta be a losing proposition. I mean, what’s the point really? You want to fart about on a scooter? Get a scooter…you want to grip it and rip it on a sportbike? Get a sportbike.

The real deal breaker for me is the lack of a clutch, though…motorcycles have clutches. PERIOD.

Pictures of the bike being ridden are in the article slideshow.

Hmm yep so they are Jay, nope not keen now.

I can’t help thinking that if it had a set of sportbike bars and a sportbike riding position it would have been a lot cooler, although I appreciate this would have defeated Honda’s objective. The pics of someone riding it look like they are sat on the toilet!

Maybe someone should get one and modify the bars and footpegs?

It’s a scooter!

Not my cup of rosy.

I like it!!!