The Heightest Thread

So who are the tallest and shortest members of LB? Would be handy for knowing what works for you, bike wise!?

I wasn’t being heightist honestly! Personally I think that it doesn’t matter a stuff what height either partner is - also height has absolutely no bearing on a man’s virility - some of the most masculine and successful blokes have been on the shorter side. I just saw the Ecclestone picture and it reminded me of women who have said to me in the past that they would not date shorter men than them. I personally would not ask a woman taller than me out because most women seem to want a bloke taller than them.

Personally I am not short or tall (5’ 11’’) - I am at home on most bikes - the tallest bike I have ridden that does require a bit of leg length (I found it ok) was a KTM 950 Supermoto (absolutely cracking bike):wink:

Im not having a dig, dude! Its just a game :wink: I can only remember 6ft 4 being the tallest. Anyone under 5ft?

think that might be lou (sincere) :):smiley:

6’ 3"

I think Paul’s taller isnt he?

:blush: yeah I’m small 5"ft 2" ins but Andyp’s wife is smaller

Isn’t Mad smaller than you Lou? (I’m gonna be in so much trouble for bring up her LACK of height again!) :Whistling:

Im 6 foot 7 :stuck_out_tongue: I ride a gsxr 750 and a triumph tiger. Must admit the tiger is a lot more comfortable but i love my gixer so much!

…just to add- i did not change my signature today because of this thread!! :smiley:

I’m 6 foot 1 and have been since I was 16.

I remember when 6 foot 1 was classed as tall!

Not found a bike yet I can’t ride but honda must have made the last Fireblade (07) just for me and Suzuki did the same with the GSXR750! :slight_smile:

I must be one of the shortest blokes at 5` 8".

johnp (08/07/2008)

I must be one of the shortest blokes at 4` 8".[/quote]

think you are mate:P

But beautifully formed Super Mario;):smiley:

Youre to kind Chunks, as for you Tuggs youre 5` 8" wide.:stuck_out_tongue:

6FT 4



5’6 , cos they dont make diamonds a big as bricks .

and its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog

They do, the uncut Cullinan diamond was around 5000 carats (~1KG). That is one very large rock. And give the laws of probabilities it is more than likely there is one larger out there in the crust of the earth.

Sorry to rain on your parade. :stuck_out_tongue:

im 5"4

I must be one of the shortest blokes at 5` 8".

Gilera Nexus 500

Don`t care what you ride as long as you ride.

Chunky has a SRAD.

HAH! I got u beat! I is 5ft6 n my lil missus (mis_lilax) is 5ft4. I ride a CBR400RR NC23 its perfect for me but I can handle a CBR600 F SO…


I am 5.4" and a half, the half makes all the difference…OK :slight_smile: I ride a CBR600F but a shortie version, been lowered :stuck_out_tongue: