the hardest game ever

and a comic attemp

I’d say the hardest game ever would be the ‘get pan to do some work whilst at work’ game!

im good at that… but i cheat! :w00t:

1.9m anyway :wink:

haha what a joke of a game. i doubt the makers won any awards 4 this one :stuck_out_tongue:

id did 2m! only cause i made him dive onto his face!

It’s like me after a night out on the **** :stuck_out_tongue:

just showed this to my mates at work never seen a room laugh so hard

have you been watching this guy on youtube by any chance?

well i p1ssed myself laughing but i tried hard and this is as far as I got - 26metres lol…:smiley:



I was feeling quite smug with myself getting 6 until scrolling down further and finding your post :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I’m bragging but the fugging hurdles come along at 49 meters :w00t:

Yep … I couldn’t get over it - just kicked it down the track a bit :smiley:

And there is a long jump at the end - except I was too “in the groove” of running - that I forgot how to make myself fall face first … so only went 60cm :smiley: … still though … I win

GAAD DAM IT M-c…you beat me by .6 of a meter…:D…

im fookin sweating ere:D


i see all that wrist action paid off! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hand-Eye-Wrist…my ol Greek …:D…
who ever thought watching Debbie does Dallas twice a day was bad for my health…;)…


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Mr C, but no, you don’t win.

That’s fighting talk where I come from :PI’ll have another go sometime in the future when I’ve got insomniaWell done though … for now :wink: :laugh: