The GSR's paint job is finished!!

might still go the whole hog and get the swingarm done too eventually. Still got the red GSR tail decals on order but other than that, I’m going for a bimble :smiley:

Not bad for a can of spraypaint :w00t:

great job Jaime, that looks mint, huge improvement!

well done fella.

too cool for skool :cool:

well done Jaime :slight_smile:

Get the lower fork legs done aswell :slight_smile:

i painted mine blue :Whistling:

Ooh nice!

Powder on the swinger and for bottoms though

Nice :slight_smile:


Can we get a before and after?

before and at its worst after a gravel trap trip :blush:

Lovely work!

Can Claire move back in now or are you starting up painting something else? :slight_smile:

looks great Jamie

When do you want me to bring mine round? :slight_smile:

Rattle can king

very nice