hi all

as some of you are aware me and the other half are longer togther

and at the mo i am dossing down at my mums ( bless her )

and this means i have no internet

soon i will be moving to bedford and will deffo have it up and running in

about 5-6 months

till then i will be on and off

but i will try and get on at the internet cafe places

and hopefully be on abit more

take care all of you see you all soon

No worries fella… chin up

good to hear from you sweetpea

I’m sure a lot of us have been through this recently too and know how tough it is. Chin up and get your bottom back on that bike!

you too sweetheart

There you go talking about bottoms again.

Yeah Goat-Man, get back in saddle and ride on. Life may appear without purpose or point at the mo, but it’s just hidden from you. you’ll find it soon enough.

Trust me on that one.

hope ya ok fella…good to see your back with us…and as flats said…chin up mate


Hey “J”

Good to hear from you again.

All the best to you mate and pm sent !!

just keep coming home to yourself sweetheart…you are the one you’ve been waiting for

Hey Goat,

missed having you around, welcome back

chin up !

Ann x

Glad to hear you’re OK, thought you’d not been around and about as much. I know it’s tough when it happens but there’s a lot of us have been through it. Keep in touch, stay safe.