The "Ghostie" school of bike Preperation. - Advice needed.

Right, I’ve decided to give my GSXR the “Street look” but in a Ducati Pete Stylee.

SO far…

Step ONE: Got a fat friend to come round and jump on the tank. WICKED, it’s well flat now and when I tested it, I found out I can get 4 cups of tea and a pack of iced fingers to rest on it!

Step TWO. Covered the tank and fairing in MY LITTLE PONY® fabric. It looks well “street*” now!

Any tips on what to do now?

*Sesame Street!

BTW - I was gonna paint it a very gay orange colour…

… but I’ve got a couple like that already!

LOL. You been at the grog DP?

No, I posted that midday, we’re GMT plus 9 here!

“Any tips on what to do now?”

Cruise up and down outside local schools at breaktimes ?

I’ve heard that my little pony gear gets the pre teens really hot. . . . .

Thanks - although I usually use my ice-cream van for that type of thing!

ooooh, nice, Mr Whippy, “do you want a 69, sorry 99 with that love?” . . . .

way higher chance of success than just hiding in bushes down the local rec claiming to have some cute fluffy puppies . . .


Fancy a mini-milk little gurl?

Possibly some chav lights?

And for that real ‘cred’ look, crack all the lights and put on some well worn crash mushers.

for your goodself, perhaps the ubiquitous hoodie and mirror shades.

Pete … Burbery seat covering?!!

I’m luvin’ it!