The Ghost Rider


I cant even manage a 1st gear wheelie :w00t: I’m waaaay too scared:crazy:

Call yourself a man!

190 is big balls though.

u wont be able to in first on our bikes the throttle is to snappy, well not a good one anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s Insanely Quick !

oh he is a man alright :slight_smile: and from what i know about Jaime i know he’s not scared. :cool:

and those two guys in the video are nutcases! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: wish i was there to see as watching it on a video is not as impressive as i can’t feel the speed they’re going at.

I’m such a man that I have girls fight my battles for me:D:P:D:P;)

Our bikes do wheelie in first. Just gotta find that nappie…:stuck_out_tongue:

get a moto…even the fat lazy tards lift in third :slight_smile:

to be honest i don’t feel so protective of you cause i know you can stand up for yourself, i’m sh*t at fighting stuff anyway, however give me your baseball bat and i will grow big massive balls out of nowhere like fungi in the woods :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue: :laugh: oh, just in case anyone takes this post the wrong way, i am going to say now that baseball bat stands for what it is and nothing else. and yes once i saw Jaime’s baseball bat in the room and held it and felt how heavy it was and how much potential damage i can do to…ahem… la-di-da-da :smiley: i can’t stop thinking about it.hhmm… me thinks i’ve just dug myself deeper into a grave :smiley:

I best not pi$$ you off then:w00t::hehe: