The Future!

very impressive… given that Honda have a similar offering being touted (not sure if they unveiled it at the same show), looks like its the way of things.

They also unveiled it nearly a year ago

What’s with the arse grabbing attachment on the Yamaha?

Yeah…saw that too but I was less impressed for some reason LOL  Maybe cos the Yamaha one looked more futuristic.

How do you feel about the fact that it takes away from the rider’s skill and instinct?

Based on my skill and instinct, I’d say that’s probably a good thing :smiley:

hahaha yeah me too!

Would I damage the balancing bars if I did a wheelie?

There’s no engine on that Yamaha.
Will that be electric.

The more I see on Facebook and YouTube things can only improve.

That guy with the helmet and proper motorcycle gloves going 2mph does not scream trust.