The Future is electric?


Bored at work, I was perusing the interweb looking at concept cars. I naturally came to electric vehicles and was quite surprised to see that they’ve started commercial production of electric bikes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of petrol and don’t mind getting my hands dirty. But you have to ask the question… would you?


They are starting to look a bit tasty. It’ll be years before they are on a par with petrol bikes pricewise. Also, would the dimwitted pedestrians of London hear them?


To be followed soon by -

Honda’s RC-E


KTM’s Freeride E


well they cant hear us know with the ipods so doesnt matter :stuck_out_tongue:


Theres also the zero thats been around for a while.

If you can easily remove the battery, imagine being able to recharge it under the desk at work! :slight_smile:


i would consider an electric bike if the range (and price) was practical - I’d need to be able to do at least 200 miles before charging unless I wanted to make an overnight stop every time I went home.

I seem to remember there being some talk of them having buzzers or something so they aren’t completely silent on the roads. I’d want mine to play the Imperial March at low speed working up to Slayer - Angel Of Death at high speed and a sliding scale between.


Check this out. Not bad but 43mph top speed…


The objection I have to electric is once the battery is flat there is a long recharge time.

So whilst a eletrobike may be suited to a daily 20 mile commute, or as a toy, it is of bugger all use to a serious biker who might go for a long ride just to be stranded without charge or a have seriously long wait to get home again.

So no I wouldn’t.

Besides what of the famed electrical of the (Guzzi) lemons and fry your battery (Honda) rectifiers, hardly confidence inspiring that a reliable electrobike is even possible.


As for recharging under the desk at work, coppers aren’t even allowed to put their phones on charge so how long do you think a manager would let you get away in doing this?


There is one possible use as a toy bike though. Trial bikers get arrested for off road riding where I live for two reasons on the whole. Kids playing where really they shouldn’t be, and the noise. Now I can get along with a few ferial kids of chav parents getting minced, and so a low noise electrobike seems neat for off roading.


The Zero -

and the Quantya :wink: :

AFAIK, it’s possible to remove the battery, but not quick.