The Friday Forty Plus (with Kids) Top 10

1 - Unkle - Burn My Shadow (with a bullet)
2 - Chvrches - Gun (she is just Phwoar, but ok I am far too old and sophisticated, she probably just wants some really shallow teenager with money)
3 - Ry Cooder - Tell Me Why White Man Ain’t Worth Nothin in the World No More
4 - The 1975 - Sex (see us oldies ain’t so out of touch)
5 - Dante Alighieri - Vide Cor Meum (for those of you not too close minded to immensity of a good Classical tune)
6 - Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (funky style)
7 - Imagine Dragons - Its Time (Dad rock)
8 - Sons of Science - Motherfucking Bike (just too good)
9 - Madness - How Can I Tell You (you better not dis the Madness)
10 - John Farnham - Your the Voice (like irony but more sort of 1 hit wonder Essexy)

for all you kids with money, time and a social life still … have a GREAT FRIDAY NIGHT :slight_smile:

Good list even for someone (just) under 40 with no kids :slight_smile: