The first to fall

Unfortunately, the Ace Café in Barcelona which had been closed for 10 weeks has made the decision to close its doors permanently with immediate effect

Many places were running week to week, I’d imagine there will be a few more cafe favourites struggling.

There will be a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars going this way once lock down is lifted. :cold_sweat:

I hope yours is ok Ami

Bear in mind that this is the Barcelona branch of the Ace. Not the Ace in London.

Talking to Vasilis, (at the Ace in London) it seems that they are OK for the moment.

I think they are in a better position as they owns the freehold on the site from what I’ve heard.

Won’t be many places left to see live music after this either.

@nivag You are correct in your statement :+1:

I think my work (Southbank Centre) will survive, but in what shape or form is unclear, the arts and venues are about to fall off the cliff

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Reading in the news that the Southbank Centre could be closed well into next year. How will that affect you?

Redundancies likely, complete closure entirely possible. Not good.

London eateries are on their way out.