The finish line

I reckon it’s gonna be a close one.:unsure:

:w00t: How could you vote against Tug? He’s on a slight head start :stuck_out_tongue:

Just gonna vote now :Whistling:

There is no option for “Niether in this lifetime”:wink:

This is so unfair Tugs got a 9 year start :angry:

i voted…

cant remember on who now…lol

dam these pain killers are good…lol


Well I think I’ve nearly caught up with Tug, stripped most of it down today, just gotta get the swingarm out then I’ll be level with Tug :smiley:

Cant believe Tug voted for himself

So thats why Tug was round yours today hey !!! keepin an eye on the competion :w00t:

Btw Tel, lurve your yokes


**** thought the poll was for the first person to build a boat:w00t:

thats right:)