The "Find your Tory bigwig name" game

Your favourite Grandads first name, followed by the name of your street you grew up in, followed by the name of your headmaster.

I am Max Devonshire-White


Nicholas Ebury-McKintosh


Patrick Cundy-Easterbrook

Aubrey Winston-Visser

Claude Mavromichali Oraiopoulos…

Unless my local MP is of greek/ cypriot origin… it doesn’t work! :slight_smile:

Patrick Highbridge Carty

Craig B764 Climey :blink:

Jack Station-Rhodes

Henry Nutbeam-Holland, my colleague’s was better: Bertie Eton-Smythe, but then he is properly posh anyway!

Harold Wellington-Baker:)

Antonio Southbourne-Raymonda :Whistling: went to a catholic school run by nuns

My grandfather was my first headmaster so I just get his/my dad’s/brother’s name with Addison in the middle… :doze:

Roy Eastcote McDermott

Joseph Lytton-Mulligan

This is so pathetic,
Lord Toby Matthew John Perrymount Long-Turlington IS my name… I already am Tory bigwig… now put those chains back on you plebs and lick my boot!

Lucretia Whatlington Beaumont

I’m taking down all your grandparents name,s and the street names where you live and I’m going to steal your identities and send round the boyz to duff you up and nick your stuff… got it… now back to work peasants!

David Naseby-Paton…sounds quite credible, but then where I grew up all the streets were named after places associated with the Churchills - could have had Marlborough, Randolph or Edgehill!

Dennis Blacksmith-Jones.

I did you all a favour by translating them from Welsh to English, being from the Swansea Valleys, it’s as Welsh as you could get, otherwise it would be all gibberish to you :wink:

John Langemore Smith… ooo anyone for an aperitife!.. an afternoon shoot maybe woto!

Joseph Shirley Scanlon:ermm: