the fazers gone!

the end of an era!

23000miles of riding I did on that bike, like loosing family!

what you getting next then ?

You said you were bored of it, tired of it, wanted a change, just like your girlfriends :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you bought something else.

Oh well, that’s a decision gone I suppose as I was thinking of buying it.

Glad you’ve managed to sell it.

I think he collects the new beast this weekend…;), and the bike isnt far behind…:w00t::smiley:

not getting another fazer are you:w00t:

What next Steve? I’m so curious.

Upwards and onwards, FZ1 anyone???

well, I looked at many bikes…test road a few, but ther was only one that ticked all the boxes…

I do indeed pick it up this weekend, after putting dwn deposit for it three weeks ago, been so busy lately tho, yes, even been too busy to pick my New wheels up :frowning:

suffice to say, its a 1000cc & sounds niccce… :wink: I’ll prob b at ace sat afternoon after picking it up?

we should do a rideout in hounor of the new bike on sunday…:cool:

a little birdy told me its the brighton shake dwn sunday?

ps westzed, my new wheels wil eat ur 750 for breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:

so anyone wants to see wot I got , ill prob stop at ace sat afternoon sometime

oh i say how rude…:stuck_out_tongue:

should be about, gis a ring on 0898505050 :wink:

ricky mate, I ied ur num ther, but it put me thru to a gay hotline? did I mistype the num? lol

I knew you’d like some poo chute action :w00t::wink: