The Fast Show!

If he was laughing as much as me everytime they came out of the final turn - he must have enjoyed the race!

Can you imagine that bike down the straight at Mugello?

The Ducati is absolutely unbelievable…

Stoner was tearing the paint right off Rossi’s bike when he’d blow by him on the front straight. That HAD to have galled Rossi’s ass to have him go right by like that…and be powerless to do anything at all about it.

I enjoyed seeing Hopper have a bit of a go at the front too…I REALLY believe he has the skills to run up front…great to see Suzuki/Bridgestone FINALLY giving him a bike capable of getting up front and staying there.

I think our anglo / american friend was more than a little sore this weekend. There’s more to come from hopper this year I’m sure.

hehe it was funny, no wonder the D-pit-boys were laughing so much.

Are we sure that Ducati is a 800? hehe I wonder…

Yup, that Yamaha had better have some more top end put in PDQ, or let Haga ride it instead of the Texas Breeze (sorry, “Tornado”) …

I may have missed something over the last ten years, but what makes you think Haga can do better than Edwards?

9 years ago he was on a WSB rostrum and a 500GP rostrum within 2 weeks of each other - but he’s just not the same rider these days.

We’d also miss out on the traditional Edwards pre-season “I’ve changed my style and this year I’ve got it” interview.

Re interview - very true my friend. He spouted the same stuff again today then disappointed.

Well mebbe Haga is no faster, but looks hungrier. I only saw Edwards appear to give a f**k in that race he led then crashed ahead of Haydon on the last-ish corner. Otherwise he’s just making up the numbers for me.

I’d love to see Haga take an 800 out and scare the kids on track. LoL imagine the lines…

I’m not inclined to think today is so much of a indicator for the season ahead. It’s not a track that traditionaly provides exciting racing.

Good job really, cos take out stoner and his comedy top speed bike, and you’ve got a a pretty boring easy win for 46.

God damn absolutely amazing to watch! I was pleased, and dissapointed that Hopkins got up front, and took his opportunity for his first podium but clearly made a boo-boo and got sent back to fourth. When he’s fit, wow, bring it on!

Ducati were running Nitros I heard…

Insane… And yep, lot’s of low-sides as has been predicted!

Should the Jap bikes be allowed a capacity hike so they can keep up with the Ducatis?

I think that you are right…it’s been a LONG time coming for him and Suzuki…

I can’t wait to watch.

Yep, in Quatar Ducatis were on a different planet copared to the other bikes, Stoner was very good in using Ducati’s power superiority in this race, however the bike appeared a bit nervous sometime or maybe that Stoner didn’t get some settings right. Rossi did a great job, it was difficult to keep pace with Stoner even for him. I think that a Rossi on a Ducati would have given a good 10 seconds to all the others included Stoner.

Have you heard that Ducati’s engines can rev higher than all the others? They can get to 25000 rpm. Incredible!

Bring it on with MotoGP it looks like an interesting season.

Worth pointing out that the Ducati handled well enough to set the fastest lap, at the end of the race on worn tyres.

Are you sure they are running to 25K rpm? That sounds rather high.

Desmo technology looks handy again!

I want one!

25k? Sounds like a mistake.

Jay, if you are very good, you can ride my desmodeci when they finaly fookin’ deliver the poxy thing.

Yep, 25k rpm, that’s what the commentator on BBC2 was saying, quite amazing! He was saying that it can run so high because of the Desmo system and when Stoner was passing Rossi on the straight he was saying that he didn’t see so much difference in power in a while.

Pete, did you get a Desmosedici?

that thing just p*ssed passed rossi like he was standing still. on road bikes, thats surprising. 2 gp bikes???

so how were they able to do it? less weight of stoner/better fairing design/higher revs/better power output/yamaha were too conservative on fuel estimates/red is a faster colour than blue/stoner was flatulent and therefore wind assisted…

I guess early days into a new engine capacity means that some will be better than others. I can just imagine Rossi swearing into his helmet every time Stoner breezed passed.

The thing is though, Stoner was no quicker than Rossi over the weekend as such (certainly not as much as you’d think if you were just looking at straight line speed). He was obviously holding Rossi up through the bends, but the Italian just couldn’t pull out enough of a lead in one lap to counter that Ducati’s speed down the straights. Would have been interesting to see Capirossi’s speed if he hadn’t crashed.

Anyway, I imagine the Yamaha engineers will be working overtime!

pmsl @ comedy top speed bike