The Face You Make....

When you,ve just twatted your own bike…

Especially when;

a) You’ve only had it two months

b) Previous owner had kept it pristine, cleaned it wit a Q Tip and not the tiniest mark on it.

YES … I did it! I parked at a mates on a GRAVEL drive, came out an hour later to find the sidestand dug in and it’s flipped on it’s side.

Nose fairing cracked, support bracket inside fairing snapped and U/S …

Crack in nose about 4cm long ( not fully split)

Anyone know about repairing fairing cracks…


feel for you man. Scorch had some method using lego I think.

Wow! Melted Lego???

iirc, you melt it with acetone and it becomes the same ABS plastic as the fairings.

Yes, it works very well.
In guitar building we use acetone to melt plastic binding to form a glue that adheres to both the wood and the binding that is being installed.
It is very strong and easy to make- I prefer it to using epoxy in this situation, although I use hide glue for wood binding.

:crazy: ouch! I would still blame your mate for having gravel driveway! :smiley:

Ouch, feel for you, but it is still mostly a thing of beauty!:ermm:

Actually I would have cried if I owned your bike…

No - my stupid fault totally :crying: - the Duc has a very short stand at a sharpish angle which means it leans over a lot putting lots of PSI onto it’s llttle foot. Any soft ground , even soft tarmac, means it starts drilling itself into the ground…

a nice cruiser stand 2ft long would spread the load a loy better - but look a bit silly…

Acetone and Lego … sounds good … must experiment … now where do I find a toddler with some lego?

Might be worth investing in a side stand puck?

Yep puck’s the way ! :smiley:

My shiny new bike with less than a thousand miles on the clock is currently with Dr scorch.bent and buckled headlight bracket and some fairing damage following a little slide down a French road a couple of weeks ago.

Feeling your pain bruv

Thanks Deano :slight_smile: At least you were riding at the time!

Hi Hogtrumpet - I did three very happy years at London Met doing guitar-making. Keeping it on the back burner as my retirement plan.

Get yourself down to the Ace Cafe today, 25th May is the RBLR Ace Cafe Day and p… p… p… pick up a penguin Poppy Appeal Puck ~ you know you want too :wink:

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That’s a good idea Art!..

I’ll order from the interwebby as I can’t make it :slight_smile: