The face rings a bell

Almost there Sammo… 8/9:cool:I’m loving this;):smiley:

Come on B. Put us out of our misery:w00t:

I’m just giving Debz a chance;) Wish I knew, It’s no1 that’s the wrong answer…isn’t it:ermm:

Could be;)I can’t believe it! i thought this fella was the easiest of the bunch:DThink Team Great Britain:cool:

No wonder I can’t get it…well after my time:D

He is also an instructor for Focused Events… How embarrassing;):P:D

Sorry not enough clues:w00t: I was at the instructors course last week and met most of them…you must be mistaken:unsure:

Me? Mistaken? How very dare you!;):smiley:

He was indeed a FE instructor.

This Ulsterman rode for QUB Team Optimum Aprilia in the 250cc World Championship;)

He was one of Ron Haslam’s prodigies in Team Great Britain along with team mate, he has Ridden for TAS Suzuki and partnered Youngy at Suzuka;)

I should know better than to doubt The Chunkmiesters racing knowledge.I haven’t met him but that must be Adrian Coates:) Where is he now?

Well done that man;)Has he retired now? Last time I saw him, he was doing a bit for BBC at NW200 last season. maybe he could be the next Keith Heuwan;):smiley:

Such a shame Afro missed tis one, he was so keen on having a modern quiz;)

Keith Huewen would be hard to replace, I think his commentary is always spot on as well as entertaining to say the least. His best days were when he was partnered with Julian Ryder, I could listen to them all day:)Oh and time to give Afro a prod with the quiz stick in the next competition.

I think it will need more than that mate;)Thats two up to the minute quizes he has missed that I have done in his honour;):P:D