The Evidence!!

chunks get teh suprise of his life!!

lol - was that yesterday?

I think he might buy one just to placate you all :wink:

Chunks, it would appear you head is on upside down:D

Fugg off Lurch:P:D

That was in fact an “S” reg TL1000RV which did bear the original SRAD logo unlike mine which is an RK1 which DIDN’T:D

so yours is an SRAD with a missing Sticker??

:smiley: :smiley:


Nope, mine doesn’t have SRAD ram air:P

Just an “S”, then :stuck_out_tongue: RADical, man! :)(just being SaRK1) :smiley:

You can shut it and all before I come over there with my step ladder;):P:D;)

ooooh! tetchy! :slight_smile: x

Great pic Ratty, that was the first thing I spotted when I got to HB on Sunday. Chunky didn’t seem impressed with my comments at the time :smiley:

I was impressed by the comments about your sweaty ar$e on that mountain bike though:D:D:D

Notice none of you were brave enough to say them too me at the time :w00t: Besides, that’s what happens when exercising, if you aint sweating, you aint trying :stuck_out_tongue:

We didn’t notice it until you rode off:DI didn’t know your bike was an SRAD … Sweaty Rear A Definite;):smiley:

At least I’m not in denial… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! just seen this!! :hehe: We noticed it as you rode off home. :Whistling:

Don’t worry lovie I was marinading all day in me leathers :sick: I better join the SRAD group too :stuck_out_tongue:



to be fair chunks was on it straight away! ‘no its the one before mine, its not a K model’…tis a SRAD THO INIT!!:smiley:


Oh yes it is Chunks.