The end of an era

I’ve just finished watching MotoGP for, I’m sad to say, the last time on Eurosport:doze:

I know the adverts were annoying but I did find the banter between Mssrs. Ryder, Moody and Mamola as entertaining and informative as the racing itself.

Gonna miss them:cool:

Can someone shoot Charlie Cox before next march please;):D:D:D

same here mate, and are we only going to get the moto GP class shown and no other classes now ? would be a shame not seeing the loonies on 125 anymore :smiley:

its not just eurosport that has stood the test of time and now has gone. micheln was another one that wont be about. i found it rather enjoyable with the two tyre manufactures battling it out.

But its does mean that we will have to watch suzi perry, dont get me wrong she seems nice but doesnt seem to care an awfull lot about the racing (atleast with eurosport theve been doing it for years and have a few ex-racers helping them out)

What channel is it going to now?

Your joking right!!!

Wish I was mate.:crying:

Looks like its on BBC from now on

Sorry chap, my comment was aimed at murph…

I was unfortunately aware that eurosport had lost the rights.

A real shame as already expressed on a previous link.

Its an end of an era for sure, now we have limited viewing on BBC2 with lousy commentating

I do hope this isn’t the last we hear of Julian Ryder

Along with Fred Clark these two are Motorbike Racing for me:cool:

Got to say, that I am looking forward to it. I don’t get Eurosport and seeing some regular racing on regular TV is something that I have been wanting for most of the year. Just need WSB and BSB to come on over.

Dump F1 and use the time slots for something that is actually racing.

MotoGP has been on The Beeb all season as well as Eurosport

i’m gutted :crying: