The eggs!

Sunday morning and the husband walks in the kitchen while his wife is preparing scrambled eggs for him.

He lovingly stand next to her observing careful the eggs. He has other one sip of coffee… and begins to shout in panick:

“Careful… Put butter as well ! My God! You have put too many in the frying pan! TOO MANY! Turn them. Turn them NOW! They need more butter. Where we will find more BUTTER?
No…, That was close… THEY WILL STICK! Careful… CAREFUL! I said CAREFUL! You never liaten to me … NEVER! Quick, Turn them QUICK!! Are insane? Dont forget to add salt, always you forget the salt. Put salt. SALT! I SAID PUT SALT!”

The wife who has remained calm through all of this and says. "Whats the matter with you ? Why are you shouting in in my ear? "

The husband calms down and answers…

“I wanted you to know how it is to have you as a passenger when I drive!”

that should be in with my beer one :smiley:


Good one :w00t:D:)

Too true