the days of justice are numbered. ...we are all affected by this.

In the uk if you win a court case you generally get awarded your costs…well read below because our great and trustworthy government is about to change that…these solicitors are the best if you need defending no matter what the reason, your fault their fault they are the best…but this is more important than that have a look. sorry if this seems like a plug but they are great and have more than likely saved me about £50,000 in compensation…

if you want justice this country is the wrong place to fight for it…and now it just got worse…sign the petition…

Dear all,

When Geoffrey Miller Solicitors successfully represented you, we were able to apply for payment of your costs back from the court when we secured your acquittal. This will not be so for acquitted defendants as from October 2009 due to a rule change being implemented despite overwhelming opposition to it. I have lodged the following petition with no.10 Downing Street this week.

The new rules will mean even if someone is acquitted of an offence, they will be expected to foot the majority of the legal bill themselves. This, in my view, is not justice!

It affects motorists facing prosecution because legal aid is not available for the majority of motoring prosecutions. However, it also affects any defendant acquitted of a crime in the Magistrates’ Court if they chose to instruct a lawyer who charges normal (and not legal aid rates)

It takes less than a minute to sign an e-petition and your support could make a difference to a lot of people so please take the time to click on the link and sign the petition. If you are an organization, please take the time to distribute the link to all members of your organization to sign it.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Jeanette S. Miller

Senior & Managing Partner

Geoffrey Miller Solicitors

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That’s terrible but not unexpected from this government. I guess they are trying to make Solicitors and Barristers work for legal aid rates not true market rates . . .

I do love the idea that the number10 petitions are anything but a way to find out the official excuse from the government.

As per usual…those with money are protected while the rest of us suffer and end up more skint!! :doze:

Sadly they wont take a blind bit of notice… the one consistent aspect of this Governments MO is that once they’ve decided something they push it through regardless of public opinion… even if they have to fall on their sword once and bring back the same thing in a new form a few times…

got to agree with you there they do what th3y want and what they think is good for someone but its not us i am sure…

not sure what is this about? so if you are involved in a car accident, so someone hits you… you have to pay no matter if you win or lose? and your legal cover thing is useless??

No, if you are accused of an offence and are acquitted, you will only be able to recover costs at the legal aid rate which is far lower than the ‘normal’ rate for a legal bod.

spot on…you only get what they want to pay you not what it actually cost…this is called unfair justice, you can be taken to court by an incompetant police and cps and then have to pay for defending yourself and proving your innocence, the guilty pay nothing the innocent have to foo the bill…nuts and totally unfair…