The Dark Side beckons

Eugene, please tell me you’re going to get a set of white leathers as well, that’d make my day!

afro in white leathers…yes. its got to be done afro…come on:D

Afro - you will love it dude ! So much so you will wish you put your pre conceptions in a box 3 1/2 years ago and bought one when they first came out buddy . Soon you will be pledging allegance to the 'zook and telling everyone to keep their Blades and R1’s .

Looks lovely too :wink:

Afro Gixxer thou, doesn’t have quite the ring of Afro R1, but there, change is always good, unless of course it’s for the worse…

You know that’s going to show all the dirt dont ya…

Me in white leathers? Flash!..Ahhhaaaa! :laugh:

There’s a reason my leathers are mostly black…If I were to get a white suit, I really would look like the Michelin man (guess it would explain why I’m always promoting 2CTs on here) :smiley:

Speaking of tyres, has any owners here tried running a 180/55 rear on this bike? I was gonna do that on the R1 to quicken the steering, but not sure if it’s worth it on the GSX-R.

Also, does anyone know where to get decent track fairing kits?

Cheers all.

Yes, I hear that…And I’m not very good at cleaning bikes…I’ll probably have to get good if it’s true that Suzukis corrode faster than Yams and Hondas.

I found the best bargain for track fairings came at the ally pally bike show. its worth a look if you havent got any by then.

Definitely see you on that E, looks like were all moving to the dark side! Wouldn’t recommend the white leathers I know how much you like rolling through the gravel and dirt. You’d need a lot of vanish!

Cheers for that…I’m going to the London Motorcycle Show in a couple of weeks so I’ll have a good sniff around.


Thanks mate…Will catch up with you soon.

If you put a 180 tyre on there. You will die. It’s simple :slight_smile: GSXR 1000 = torquey!


Fair enough mate…But just being torquey doesn’t really explain the reason to avoid it.

The Aprilia RSV 1000 is a torquey bike that uses a 180/55.

Nice one…I’ll see if I can get a discount on 20 cans :smiley:

I run a 180/55 on the Ducati and it’s fine. Might go with the 190/55 next time though, still got the 55 profile, so it’ll tip in quick enough.

Nice bike, like it like it like it. Jealous jealous jealous.

170bhp through a 180 tyre cannot be good. I can imagine a few trips to highside city.

VTwins are naturally more resistant to such situations due to the slower pulsing of power through the tyre. A high-revving I4 will put much more stress on a 180 tyre.

I wouldn’t do it personally.

Now that’s better :wink:

Thanks mate :smiley:

Now to get some track bodywork and some practice in :hehe:

Just bought one of these for the new ride and saved more than 100 quid off retail :smiley:

It’s not as flash as your Yoshis or Akrapovics, but I love the Micron sound and these aren’t as common.


first jay with the 7 fiddy…now you with a gix?:smiley:

stunning bike my freind…stunning…and black is the new blue and white these days…

gonna start calling this place soon…lol

good on yer E…now get on that bike and ring its neck…!!!…

btw…if you wanna swap back wheels for some time ive got an 180 on mine…just to see how you go…

ive been meaning to see what a 190 feels like on mine…;).


Shane, don’t put a 190 on a 750 mate, it’s just not good, it’ll make it feel like the Titanic :slight_smile: you nutter.