The Dark Side beckons

Hmmm…So I’ve just put down a deposit on this.

GSX-R 1000 K5

Was a spur of the moment thing, picking it up in 2 weeks.

My god, I feel cheap. Another ‘potential’ Gixxer owner :smiley:

I still have time to change my mind, but the deal was too good and the extras too numerous for me to resist.

Well, at least it’s black so I can preserve some anonymity (not like the Gixxer doesn’t do that for a rider anyway since they’re everywhere :rolleyes: ).

S’okay though…I’m not gonna bother to join the club :wink:

time to find a suzuki_playmobile_man :stuck_out_tongue:

Shush mate…I’m going to put a big Yamaha sticker on the bike :smiley:

so why have you change afro…

Couldn’t justify the price of the new Blade or the 09 R1 so this comes close.

I’ve ridden the 750 a few times and really liked it but missed the R1’s power so this should be perfect.

Just fancied a change mate and normally change bikes every 2 years and the R1 is overdue.

How are you healing up? How was the States?

here you go mate!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:





Very, very nice bike. I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers mate. :smiley:

lol @afros sig :smooooth:

nice bike i wanted one of them but could only afford the K3 thou which is far to fast and is going to get me in huge amounts of trouble but i’m going to enjoy getting there, if you dont mind how much you pay for it?? and a good site for info on the gixxer is a very friendly bunch as well

Beautiful stealthy looking bike. Nice one! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much you paid but well understand why you may have bought her – she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Nice scooter :slight_smile:

So what was written on the side of that van then???

Nice one 'fro;)

What can ya got?:cool:

Ooooh it’s Eagle Eye Cherry :smiley:

Standard for now mate…Saving pennies for an Ohlins rear shock and uprated front fork springs work…Won’t be much ground clearance when this heffer gets onboard otherwise :smiley:

Nice choice!! May the dark side be with you!!! There’s some great deals around at the mo…
Looks like my k7 a bit.

Love it.

very nice…the only IL4 i want to own badly!! a K5 Gixxa1000…all black…or on i wants! black and yellow…tho for the moment one is not worthy of such a beast:D

Jeez, it only took a couple of years for us to convert you eh. We’re getting better :slight_smile: Be chasing you down soon hopefully!