The daily chit chat


We are now on the ferry, returning home after an amazing road trip through the Pyrenees.


Hope it all went smoothly

Will it ever stop raining?

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Has the hose pipe ban been withdrawn? Are the reservoirs fully replenished?

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No it’s the wrong type of rain.

Seriously I received a letter from Thames Water saying the leaves had prevented the rain from replenishing the reservoirs so the hose pipe ban has to remain in force.

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There’s a serious degree of madness there. Yes, the councils are no longer clearing the leaves. Yes, the roads are more dangerous as a result. Yes, the drains are clogged and flooding, but that water can only go, eventually, through the leaves and into the drainage/reservoir system. It’s not going anywhere else, it’s not going uphill, and it sure as hell isn’t evaporating under the tropical sun.

Ive seen quite a lot of leaf clearing going on this morning on my ride to get a puncture fixed.

Anyone else fed up with the footie coverage yet? Or is it just me being a miserable so and so?

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I enjoyed the England game but it probably won’t last too long.

The whole thing bores me to tears. FIFA is so self important that you’d think that FIFA was a country with a seat at the United Nations. Maybe FIFA should sort out Ukraine. Just a bunch of crooks with an unhealthy interest in a boring game…

Perhaps I’m over sharing?


Anyone going to Motorcycle live? I might be there on Sunday 27th.

I’m going tomorrow

Was it any good? Anything to prioritise?

Depends on what you like! Check out the hastily mounted hybrid Kawasaki.

Certain check out the new hornet and transalp. They’ll be very popular on the roads.

I like the new Suzuki gsr8s.

I enjoyed the dream garage section.

There’s an electric ninja!

Looks like a ninja 400, but with no specs, expected out in January though

Is it me or does the new hornet look like a smaller bike than the old 2005 one?

Well it’s a twin not a 4 so it’s certainly narrower