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That looks like a bargain £250,000 for Rykas, wait its leasehold. Anyone know how long the lease is, any option to renew and who the freeholder is?

It’s either a short lease or a very restrictive covenant on it.

Can you find out?

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Probably pushed out of business due to rising energy costs. The amount of gas a kitchen like that uses is insane. Bloody sad. Whoever takes it over would have to convert it to something more sustainable.



Today’s delivery. A small lathe for making spacers, bolts etc. Especially useful as I’ll be rebuilding an old british bike soon!


Which old british bike?

1963 BSA B40, needs a full rebuild and a fair few parts missing.

can we see the progress pics?

As soon as I finish the WR450 and the pit bike!

And fix the zx9’s poor mixture.

And the tracer’s suspension bearings.

And mount the lathe somewhere useable.

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Welcome to my world,mines a BSA Golden Flash circa 1956, lovely bike, enjoy the rebuild,there are challenges ahead


Brains in short supply here. Watch till end:

Bloody hell. Even less brains after that!

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That’s a little deeper than the LB favourite Buttsbury Wash, some folk just have no idea.

That’s Rufford Ford, literally hundreds of compilations videos of it on Youtube

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That video was missing an important soundtrack.
jackass guitar strum - YouTube

Sure it would have been fine if he hadn’t hit the pothole that was covered by a ‘puddle’ should sue the council :rofl:

Oh yes Rufford Country Park ford it’s a local attraction adjacent to the popular Rufford Country Park, Ollerton, Notts. I’ve been there and done that but there was only about 9" or so of water. When its in flood the council close access to the road, which draws the crowds in to watch the hardcore forders and idjits alike attempt to cross it, the crowd encourages vehicles to go faster rather than slower. IRL there are more successful crossings than failures. The ford has a good concrete base, there are no pot holes, my guess would be the over the handles bars manoeuvrer was caused by hitting a wall of water, some folks shouldn’t cross fords!

NG22 9DG is the nearest postcode for Rufford if anyone fancies a ride out there. Or if you fancy something a little closer to London and just as challenging, Little Baddow ford Hurrels Lane, Chelmsford CM3 4BA, it was part of the wet roads special ride out I did back in 2015

LOOL, I literally cannot believe he thought he could plough in at that speed! what a jackass…

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