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Does anyone want to donate a kidney or two, to me, so I can get this?

Anyone else watching Simon and Garfunkel 1981 Central Park concert on BBC4.

Absolute class!

New upgrade of LB to include ad support?

That would require you to unblock and click on ads.

Check out this show on BBC iplayer that features one of our own, @SheWoolf talk about being a female bike and breaking the world record for the most female bikers in one place.


Started building a funicular railway up my stairs



Yes. Waiting for some news.



I’ve got milk in the fridge that’s seen two monarchs, two prime ministers and two managers of Chelsea




There was a recent post/ conversation about testing of batteries and charging systems and I cant find it. Can anyone direct me?

Had a new battery before my summer trip and just this last week had to bump start the bike twice. The second time in thr day after it had been on charge overnight.


You should find all this in the workshop manual, cut and pasted from one of my previous posts elsewhere…

Fully charge the battery

This can take longer then you think. Put the battery on an Optimate or similar battery charger and wait for the green lights. Alternatively calculate the number of hours to fully charge a flat battery by dividing the battery’s Amp hour (Ah) rating by the battery chargers charging Amp rating and adding 10%. After fully charging, leave the battery for 30 minutes to rest and then turn the headlamp on for 1 or 2 minutes to get rid of any surface charge before re-testing the level of charge. Expect 12.5v or more from a serviceable battery.

Standby current drain test

Select the 20mA range on the multimeter. With the ignition switched OFF remove the battery negative lead and connect the multimeter black probe to the battery negative terminal and the multimeter red probe to the Negative lead, note if there are several negative leads connect to them all. Check your owners handbook for the maximum standby current drain, this is typically somewhere between 0.5mA and 2mA depending on alarms and unswitched accessories such as immobiliser systems, clocks etc. If the current drain is higher than expected you need to find out what is draining the battery and fix the fault.

Battery level of charge test

Disconnect the negative lead, check and note the battery’s level of charge voltage, leave to stand for 24 hours and re-check the battery’s level of charge voltage. Expect both readings to be the same.

Test the charging system output

With the engine idling check the voltage across the battery terminals, expect more than 12.0v. Rev the engine to 2,500 RPM and check again, expect greater than 13.5v. Rev the engine to 5,000 RPM and check again, expect less than 15.5v. If the charging system is producing more than 13.5v at 2,500 RPM and less than 15.5v at 5,000 RPM it is OK. If the charging system is producing more than 15.5v at 5,000 RPM the regulator/rectifier is faulty. If the charging system is producing less than 13.5v at 2,500 RPM suspect the stator or the stator wiring including any connectors, fuses etc in the the circuit.


Went down to Portland Bill on the weekend (Saturday) with my neighbours, it was really nice. Judt under 3 hours each direction but worth the sore back. I have been to Weymouth a couple times but never further. Really nice views and we got the last of 2022 sunshine.

Also the food was really really good. It far to go for fish and chips but still a decent ride. Sat on the KTM in the pic waw its light, makes my s1000 feel like bricks.


Thanks for that. Excellent.

What was the name of the place where you ate?

The Lobster Pot. Its right next to the light house.

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