The curse of Faceplook

Faceplook strikes again! Guy I work with, loves himself a bit, thinks he’s a bit superior to a lot of the other staff, been off on the sick for the past 3 months. His partner’s a GP so we reckon she’s had a mate do the ‘signing off’ bit for him. Along with a lot of other people, I’ve had to pick up a share of his work despite being almost certain he’s pulling a fast one.

He’s an avid Faceplooker - a right gossipy kind of guy who’s on a mission to make as many ‘friends’ as possible, and spends every spare moment on it bitching about people. Such a prolific user of Faceplook that his missus posted up nearly 100 pictures of their recent holiday to Dubai… a holiday taken in the middle of his sick period! Now one of his Faceplook ‘friends’ has landed him in it - as soon as she read the holiday posts, she was off like a shot to grass him up to management.

And he always reckoned I was a technophobe with no mates because I wasn’t on Faceplook. Well at least I’ve still got a job (or 3) gimp-boy :laugh:

Hmmm technically being off sick for a long period of time does not mean you cannot go on holiday (despite it being very dubious)… If you’re on a sick note it doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house and if a holiday will be good for your recovery (i.e. if your doctor is ok with it), then you technically are allowed to.

Of course it all depends what he said was wrong with him, what type of work your guys do, why he couldn’t do it if the company made certain adjustments and what the photos show him doing

Think of it this way… if you have broken a leg and cannot do your work because it involves you standing around a shop floor, then there is no reason why you cannot go on holiday if you take a wheelchair and spend your time lazing by the pool

Is this him??

^^^ HA HA HA !!! :smiley:

lol that is funny but has many plausible explanations :smiley:

He is not IT as IT would know about groups and privileges, even on Facebook.