The craziness of bikers

It’s something only other bikers seem to understand. None of my mates ride and despite my best efforts they just can’t get their head around why we do it. My dad is the only one in my family who rides aswell, I got down to his after a 70 mile journey last Friday in the pouring rain and strong winds. As I was backing the bike into the shed in the back garden he came out to help me out and the first thing he said was: “Had fun then?”
I was soaked but still felt better than I ever did driving down in the car.
That’s what it’s about, feeling good about yourself, about the world and being able to share it with those that understand it. Yeah - life is good :smiley:

Because it’s wrong, we know we shouldn’t do it and we know it’d be much easier in a car.

but the feeling you get rocking up somewhere on your bike especially this time of year to have every look at you thinking your an absolute headcase, even the other bikers do it before they realise they’re riding themselves.

I do it because it’s hard and I love the feeling of riding, if I wanted an easy life I’d have stayed at home and watched tv. :stuck_out_tongue:

We do it for all the above reasons and …


It’s one of the only little pleasures life can bring that our sh1tty government have not taken away from us ( yet )

The only people that " look on in amazement " at us " nutters " on two wheels are those that have yet to experience it - those of us that DO ride can only look on with a knowing admiration and a quick nod to say " I love it too " !!!


I’ve posted on here before about the uncle of a long ago ex-girlfriend who once summed it up for me. Now long gone but in his day a biker who rode makes now also long gone like Rudge, BSA, AJS and James, he once said to me, “Micky, anything else is just transport”.

Currently sitting here with broken leg with metal pin in it after getting knocked of by cager (their fault).

Currently plotting up on what bike will replace the one written off in the accident. . .

Nuff said. . . :wink:

I do it because I’m NOT mad. It’s the most sensible way for me to get around (although part of my argument for it being the most sensible way is because it makes me so happy doing it, and other forms of transport generally make me grumpy).

All the “character building” stuff (riding in the wind, cold, rain, etc) gives you a great buzz once you’ve finished, and it’s good to push yourself every now and again, but as far as normal journeys in normal conditions goes, I’m riding because I’d be crazy NOT to :slight_smile:

in a world where no one is left with any real choices… this is the last bit of true freedom left…
and it is the love of this freedom that unites us…

wow that was intense for me… :w00t:

to get from A to B as fast as possible.




via C D E F G H I J…

I get asked all the time by people on why I race bikes, people don’t understand it. It’s dangerous, costs a fortune etc.

But what can you tell them… it’s a passion and there is nothing as intense as sitting on the grid as the lights come on. It’s like you’re going into battle.

It’s such intense experiences like this that let you know you’re alive. Then I ask them, so what did you do at the weekend? Get pissed on Friday night, do a bit of shopping, watch a bit of tv? Good for you, but that’s not how I want to live my life.

And plus, it’s damn good fun. Apart from highsides.


BBBBRAP! thats the spirit!!:D:D

copied and pasted…

that is defo going on a t-shirt!!!:smiley:

Toby – truly awesome response. Can we chisel that into a granite slab and display it somewhere?

Seriously, I’d be more than happy to make up t-shirts if people are genuinely interested… profits going to LAA…

I’ll research cost and let everyone know…

Might have to pay a “fee” to LB for use of their logo, but Jay might let me off that if I promise to send the cheque to LAA promptly… :slight_smile:

I’ll be back… watch this space!

I want a t-shirt…me me me me me me me me…:smiley:

well said toby and everyone!:stuck_out_tongue:

Someone once said to me:

…’‘we might not be strong individually, but as a team we are invecible…’’

put me down for one…£20 sounds good? worthy cause n all that;)

I think id better get one too haha

Sounds good. Count me in.

If no one minds, I’ve taken the liberty and started working on a design. But it’s taking frackin’ ages

Be done by Saturday, though!!

I got 20 quid on it too, just tell me where to send the dosh.