The CN Tower

the CN tower in Toronto is over 1800 feet tall. big eh…


The Canadian “Rockies” sure are awesome eh?

Feckin Hell… I’m suprised she hasn’t got a wheel barrow to support those things… Poor girl!!!

mmmmhhhh is it just me or can I see 2 towers.
No seriously



what towers?

cant get past the girl!

i’m sure if she needed any help with those she would ask! and there would be lots of people to help her out…

Those towers must need a lot of support.

Holey Moley!!!

You don’t get many of them to the pound.

I wonder if they have anti-collision lights on 'em.

Imagine’em twinkling away at night… be seen for miles around…

Those towers must look good in an earth quake

I reckon my head would rest nicely in them there lovely dumplings!