The cheaper way to change the colour of your bike!

A friend of mine had a little play around with the photoshop, and changed the colour from blue, black, and silver to its present.:slight_smile:



dont ya just love photoshop!:smiley:

i had a quick play at work…




I like that Claire

Reminds me of the first SRAD 750s, very retro;):cool:

Can you photoshop in another 2 cylinders to finish the engine? :D:D

Not all Photoshopping is flattering though…is it Ratty?;):smiley:

pish off IL4 boy!:stuck_out_tongue:

ermm wasnt me chunks:Whistling::w00t::D:D:D:D:D i thought it looked good:cool::hehe:

We love Photoshop!

There’s a few more quick mock-ups I’ve done in the news archive as well.

Ratty where’s the Yellow and Black version like on my old Thou?

:D:D pj IM WORKING ON IT…:smiley: ah caps!



Thats better than the purple and green chap:)

haha Uncle Chunks ole SRAD that was a funny afternoon:D

Wicked urban camo on thumper2 how cool:D

looks alright dunnit!:smiley: me loikes camou!

lol you lot have way too much time on your hands!

only takes 10 mins…when you know how;)

Looks good mate.

lol ive had a few of my bikes painted in camo:P, looks well in ya face in the flesh ol :w00t:

does that sat batty on the back of that sv:P

Here… my attempt and the other one is for real:):slight_smile: was at the Southend Shakedown 2 years ago