the catherine tate show

has anyone noticed that she only did the northern ireland sketch in one show?

Im guessing she maybe had allot of complaints, wud be interested to know though!


look at this face, do you think IM bovvered?

Face! Bovvered!!

I read the write up on the new show before it was aired and she said that she felt the character was only good enough for one “sketch / show” as in her words

"it was to much like the Nan and Grandson Format !

Did it bovvvva you Steve ?..are yewwwww a Gay Marrrn ??

Didn’t know Jimmy Somerville was your hero Barro!?

How very dare you . . .I’ve never been so insulted . . . 25 years my mother and I have been on this website . . .

funnily enough it is co written by a guy i went to school with
Odd as he wasn’t particularly funny at school

Funnily Enough and Oddly Enough …we may have gone to differnt skools together !!!

Are We Bovvverrrrrred though !!

‘F ucking Liberty’ but that Irish Nurse Sketch with her on the ward then her two realtives came in I’d of sworn one of them was ‘GINGER’

hope they repeat it.

Am I really vat bovvered? :wink: