THE car for women !

That’s wicked. I want one.

I want the bird…you can keep the car…oops (single mans response sorry):smiley:

its nice to be single:D

Can’t I have the bird and the car, at least then I’d have something to keep me occupied during that time of the month when she wasn’t available, well without wearing kevlar and ear defenders anyway!! :w00t:

Of course, I am referring to that time of the month when the credit card is maxxed out again meaning no more shopping for that month…what you thought I meant something else? :wink:

that would be bad , id lose my car

What’s the odds on a woman finding the car at the bottom of that female Tardis, the handbag?

I’m not supposed to say this but …

… actually, all of us ladies get one of those when we pick up our kit from God. The problem is that most of them turn into a Nissan Micra.

Really small ladies tend to get a silver BMW 4x4.

Nobody understands why.

it can be a bit dangerous for lady drivers actually. What if she pushes a wrong button by accident, on a fast moving busy motorway:w00t: with a big lorry following closely

Brilliant… Councills wouldnt like it though as they would lose money on parking revenue. lol
Ahh… if only things we dreamed up like that could be relised…!!!

We already do. Drive ya car with no insurance or park on a red route, don’t collect it and after 14 days it’ll be compressed and changed into coke cans! :smiley:

Haha… good way to make a scrap car or (heaven forbit) a bike to make many youngsters high on sugar…
Hmm… Does that mean councils crushing cars is helping kids get hooked on sugar… lol

Bad councils


Could be…maybe they should turn them into bicycles and hand em out free to the kids! :smiley:

:smiley: perfect for people who cant park