The Buell 1190RS is going to Macau GP

Anyone ever seen one before? Splitlath Redmond (yes the usually Aprilia-shod team) are getting some to go to Macau with.

Since I’m going with them to document the trip, I’m really curious about the beast.

Mercifully it doesn’t have a tractor, sorry, Harley, engine in it so it will rev past 3000rpm without shaking apart. More like they start with a Rotax 1190 engine (perhaps the KTM RC8 one) and rebuild it in-house so it should go quick enough.

But they only made 100 of them it says on the EBR site.

A brave choice. If anyone knows of one in London I wouldn’t mind a peep.

will this be their bed for the next year? be interested if they take them to the TT

Seen one in a Motorsports museum in Alabama earlier this year - absolutely gorgeous machines. My favourite in the museum by far. Everything is friggin’ carbon fibre on it.

That’s a steep old front wheel angle isn’t it?

It is a looker though, no doubt. Not sold on the wiring loom calamity esp if I’d paid 40k for it. The carbon one is an extremely limited version of the already extremely limited standard version. LoL

Nice find though GC.

It’s actually the original Buell 1125R engine bored out to 1190. They even sell the big bore kit on the EBR website