The boys

pic2: are they kissing!?? thats so GAY!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO… you tell the shepherd that :wink: That bad boys got 2 confirmed kills :w00t:

Beautiful hounds. :slight_smile:

so what exactly is your job? some sort of dog-porno photography?

Gorgeous boys:). Bet you’ll all miss each other when you’re on leave soon.

you’re not that chap who was in Northern Ireland with the dog squad?

Unfortuantely Delta isnt mine any more but i still have the Weimeramer, im takin him to the jungle with me. Had him for a good 8 months now, be gutted when i have to give him up

Good guess :w00t: but not the rite one :stuck_out_tongue:

Not this call sign

I love that second pic its so cute! Made me go awwwwwwwwwwwww!

Nice pictures.

Ha, yeah and when i took shepherd over i was told he was an out and out dog fighter… Admitedly they didnt get on at first but soon as i shown them who was in charge they slowly became friends :smiley:

You wouldnt beleive he has kills to his name would you :w00t:

wot, like people kills??

Yep… :w00t:

Good pics but they’d be better without all the “two kills malarky”… It’s fine just to have pets:)

But these aren’t pets - they are working Army dogs.

At the risk of being called a pedant I would point out that neither dog is a hound, one is a utility dog (GSD) the other being a retriever (Weimeraner), I may have either or even both groupings wrong but I do know they are not hounds:P:)

Nice dogs nevertheless:cool: