The 'bovvered?' section

WTF is that part of the site all about??? Whose idea was it?? Is it meant to be a place to post-up genuine rants, or just waffle/meanderings, or what?? Cos there’s sure a lotta s**t n twaddle gets posted in there between the genuine questions.

I suspect s**t and twaddle is a pretty fair description, old bean.

(Better not ask if you’re bovvered about it though, eh?)


don’t think anyone is bovvered :wink: he he.

If you have to ask… you don’t get it!


!!!right first things first this section is if anything bovvers u so realy its open to disscussion!!
secondly!!we as a team decided on it as we thought it wouild add humer to those who havent got any(i e you) so watch and learn hunypie… and thirdly we AINT BOVVERD ABOUT YOUR COMMENTS) so my hand is there ready to be shouted at bovverd bovverd.xx

Well said sweetie, sometimes its nice to have a daft section where you can be all childish and silly, if they dont like the bovvered section then they shouldnt read it… 1. 2. 3.




  1. we thought it wouild [sic] add humer [sic] to those who havent got any(i e you)”

Dont flatter yourself love, you’re not that funny. I have a s.o.h with which I am more than happy. If it differs from yours, then I’m afraid thats your problem. Deal with it. Sorry if I’ve offended you by finding the content of the ‘bovvered’ section very tedious and unfunny. I’m not alone in this view either, but hey, each to their own.

  1. Learn to spell.

  2. Aren’t you required back in the side splittingly humourless humorous section you and your ‘team’ appear so proud of? Off you go then, chop chop, before your absence causes it to get ‘funny’ in there.

Unfortunately there are genuine questions amongst the old b*****ks getting posted in there. If I visit that section its the genuine questions I tend to read, hence my original question. Maybe the sub-heading of that section needs to be altered to reflect the content suitable for posting there, ie, not for genuine questions/answers.

Hope this clarifies your confusion.

bovverd bovverd bovverd…see now thats wat its all about!!!hope i didont upset you either!!

but it a lighthearted thing!!!xx

now back to action!!<

Action !!

If it gets any slower we,ll all be in a Coma !!

I’m with TonUp on this one think that section is just a waste of space, and we have bike to play with if were bored.

Why go on a forum then?

Shut up…its pants and thats that !!

!!OI you victor meldrew!!!got the hump again have we!!!

no ones bovverd !!!

Ok - I think this one has gone down the ‘bovvered’ line - it’s a bit of fun and it’s where threads go if someone is just having a rant - which this one now sits - so I’m moving it to the bovvered forum :slight_smile:

If you don’t like it - don’t go there - simple.


I like pants

i think the same as that!! if you dont like it dont read it!! simple…

theres loads of outher things to read!!

grim i like pants to


Pants do to tend to creep into unsuspecting dark areas…

or in my case dark cavernous (I can’t spell) areas.


Now this really ‘bovvers’ me