The Borg....Religious???

What do you think??

The Americans seem to want to think that they can say ‘Resistance is futile’, but some how, the Americans as a collective!!??!?

However, religion, like the Borg, seem to always play on the mind, trying to wipe it clean, but some how ‘assimilation’ doesn’t allways work, creating fractions (5/8, 9/16 ) but they seem to have a better worldwide network capability to move as one!?

??? 23:51 is to late for me to read this lol, ill have to wait till college to read this thread again when my head is working,

if it actually does?

…what christof said

There are worse that could rule the world than Americans…

The Sith!

At least the Taliban wore their hearts on their sleeves and didn’t say stuff like…

“You are free…You live in a democracy”

No, you’re right, there probably could be worse that ruled the world, but there probably couldn’t be more dishonest.

That’s government however, and does not represent American people, who are, to a greater extent, opposite to this.