The Boat That Guy Built

Motorcycle racer Guy Martin renovates a neglected narrowboat using inventions of the Industrial Revolution, beginning with building a blast furnace to cast an iron pot to boil water. He then visits the Wedgwood factory to learn how to create traditional mugs so he can enjoy a cup of tea.:smiley:

Is this unlikely candidate with lambchop sideburns the next Fred Dibnah ?


Let’s hope so, but that’s so unlikely.

Fred Dibnah was a frigging legend. Steeplejack, stone mason, bricklayer, carpenter, back to basics and high tech. engineer.

Not only that, the b*stard was a brilliant draughtsman and good artist.

Mr Martin is quite handy with a motorcycle! :smiley:

Boil water…he should have rather made some Potjiekos…:w00t:P.S. If you missed the 1st episode…I think you can maybe catch it again this Sunday.I can’t wait to see him at the TT…my first visit to the Isle!

If there is a deffinition of too northern that bloke is it, he is more northern than Fred Dibnah and that is saying something. Half an hour and all they made is a cup of tea… I wont be watching it again

Exactly what I thought!

Must confess I was disappointed with the first episode - it would help if he did not talk as fast as he rides:)

Waste of time :slight_smile:

i thought it was fooking exellent!!!..cant wait to see it again!!!:D…

i noticed the cheeky Performance bikes T-shirt under his overalls…;)…i’m gonna send the Bastard a LondonBikers one…just to be a cunt:D.


and a pot to p*ss in! :smiley:

maybe he’ll be the first person to win the TT with a bike made from MDF