The biker that died on the M11 this morning


A dear friend of mine died this morning on his motorbike on the M11. If anyone can shed light on the circumstances, please let me know.


Aw hell. Sorry to hear that mate.


Sad news! RIP


Sorry to hear that he was a buddy, Sneaky.

I got caught up in it all this morning so checked all the news sites only to see the sad new. Firstly it was reported as a small car that was hit & run but later it changed to a lorry.

Devastating. :frowning:

I had a very steady ride home.


May he RIP


Sorry to hear the bad news. I was reading about it yesterday on Facebook.

Not sure if the police have tried asking national express coaches for footages on that night as there coaches are always up and down.
Might help with catching the killer.


ah hell Sneaky! I read about this yesterday. Never nice when you read about this, bit closer to home when it is people you know. RIP


Sincere sympathies. That’s saddening news.


Sorry to hear this… thoughts go out to the family and friends !



Sad news, RIP :frowning:


37 year old man from Harlow has been arrested



Terrible news. Condolences


Very sorry to hear of your loss


So sorry to hear this.


Bad news. Sorry to read this.

Hope they catch the culprit and deal with him/her severely for not stopping.


Very very sad. RIP.