The BIG rideout in France

OK people i have been speaking to TerryMoto about a France trip and thought i will get started and get a thread set up for the Trip to give everyone time to get there names down.


We're just working on getting prices for the Euro-tunnel but if someone comes up with some good return prices please let me know .

I know i started this thread for the trip but i would like someone else to kind of lead the way when were there as I don’t want to get you lot lost… So if your feeling for a cheap good trip get your names down for it , I can post on the exact date as we go along but we are looking somewhere at the bank holiday in August.

We will be traveling Via Euro Tunnel as its easier and its only gonna cost £**.** Return. All the details are underneath.

Any Questions please don’t Hesitate to ask. We have 3 various Meeting points for this trip on the day which you have a choice to meet at




Before we all end up meeting at Maidstone Services To make our way to the trip

There will be regular updates and details of the trip on this thread, so if you fancy some Bonjour Apetite Get your name down and ill update it to the main list, or if you put your name down in this thread, then ill try and add you to the original list :

The whole Aim for this Event is Fun and Leisure and if that’s you then this trip is ideally suited for you.

Disclosure :

If you are a twat on this ride-out - i will pull you to the side one time only - after then i will just tell you too fcukoff.

I will explain the cornerman system at Maidstone Services - If you leave your corner on the day, i will tell you to Fcukoff.

All are welcome, bring as many forums / mates along as you can. This is not LB exclusive.

Prices and date TBC but will be regularly updated to this thread so check it daily.

You have to buy your own ticket as we are not block booking. We will however post up x2 train times so we can meet up on the other side and start the ride off.

We have done 2 of these days out in the past and had excess of 50 bikes…Its been a fantastic ride for those experienced and new riders alike.

We Require

x1 lead Rider

x 1 Tail End Charlie

If you feel you can perform any of these roles, polease pm me

If you just feel like talking dirty to someone, please pm me:)

I will update this thread alot so remember to check it regular


Unbelievable or as VM would have it ‘I don’t believe it’ :pinch:


Good to see you back here Smiled :-). Question: which bank holiday? If it’s the one at the start of August, I might well be up for this, the wife will probably be working over that weekend anyway. Can’t make the second one though, we’ll be away.

Sunday 24th August :wink:

I’m up for this! :smiley:

I’m up for it.

Put my name down for this.

I’m up for this if dirty shanus the anus stays around a little longer.
Might be more hope of that than him getting the teas! :smiley:

Just got my SV650 so yep definitely up for this :smiley:

Rats :expressionless:

I’m in.


It’s in my diary.

Shane…How can you organise a ride out you c*nt…I thought your bike got nicked…Again! :doze:

And why is there now a dead tone when I try to call…has your missus finally disconnected your phone…I know she used to answer :Wow:

F*cking ar$eh0l3 :smiley:

Get in touch.

i’m interested. i’m on holiday that week. :smiley:

I wanna go on this!

anyone wanna take me as a passenger if I cannot sort a bike in time?

I’m in tres bien, merci.

I’m checking the thread a lot…where’s the updates Shane ? :blush: