The BIG one

Well i finally got around to booking up my das course for next tuesday, ive been riding a a 50cc scooter for pizzahut for the past four months for road experience, starting to get a bit nervous as its dawned on me that length and weight will deffinatly be different{U turns etc…} :S just wanted to see if anyone had any advise or tips for my test .
Cheers Chris

see how you get on with the course, the hardest bit is U-turn on a bigger bike, but you’ll cover this.

It may be an idea to try and forget everthing you’ve learnt as self-taught, in case you’ve picked up bad habits.

Sorry to go off topic but how do you go about getting a job delivering for them? I wouldn’t mind doing it as a bit of extra income while im at 6 form. Im still on a provisional BTW, if that matters?

Good luck with your DAS.

working for pizza hut hell deffentley have bad habbits

Just go in and apply really if you dont have a cbt they will pay for it { but it comes out of your wages} yes i did pick up a few bad filtering habits but thats only because ive been in a hurry ,
it is awfull working for them but the road experience helps

Yes chris the pay is abominable but the free pizza and chicken wings goes a long way! Also Pizza Hut scoots are great for practising stoppies

Anyway well chuffed for ya, don’t worry, you’ll be fine, just make sure you practise u-turns a lot like dude up there said… but I told you that before

Let us know how it goes ok! Best of luck… you have a test date yet?