the best gsxr plate ever..

umm no its WACKY

no thats yours but you missed out the “N” and put a “C” in its place

Am I missing something Flat a WACK ride is not a good thing!

and you know im joking right??? as 90% of the time i do…

as only gixxers are wack

ahhhhh you R1 riders, your so… WACK

One of the dealerships had a Dyno day going on the last wknd, so took my K5 there…it hasn’t been tuned or mapped yet (pretty much stock except for the Racefit and BMC filter)…it blew 154.6 @ the rear wheel …why the big smile you ask (cuz not impressive compared to Jay’s bike’s numbers)…cuz heheheh (pardon my giggling)but there were a few R1’s there both 05 and 06 models and the most they could do (pipe, carbon bits, PCIII etc etc ) was 152.4…the tuner doing the dyno said that when the bike gets another 4000-5000 klicks it will get another 4 to 5 ponies which wud bring it close to 160…yeah babbbbbyy!..oh and me thinks the Racefit has made a few Canadians deaf for about 24 hrs

Nice one nightstalker, when are you going to post picx of your bike on LB

All dyno’s are different, so the only conclusive test is to do it on the same machine, i.e. how you did it. Nice one mate Remember, it’s not how powerful your bike is, it’s how you use it that counts ahem.

No point into entering into a discussion with people who ride a bike made for dyslexics if you ask me!

Jay what was the bhp of your gixxer last time you checked?